Integrate AI into your daily workflow

Whether you're new to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or you rely on it daily, we're thrilled to announce the integration of AI-powered features into Momentum Dash.

We have two powerful ways to help take your daily progress to the next level.

Create with AI through our new Conversational Interface

AI can feel intimidating at first... Which is why we've made a simple interface that gives you all the benefits without the overwhelm.

AI can be useful for generating ideas, filling out content, and finding sources you need when researching a topic. Here are some everyday examples of how you can use Ask AI directly from your dashboard:

  1. Ask AI for quotes from empowering people on a particular topic when you need inspiration.
  2. Ask AI for study tips or a better plan to help you learn dense material more effectively.
  3. Ask AI to generate ideas for social media content creation, rainy day activities with friends, and even itineraries for your upcoming trip to Paris.

To start using Ask AI today:

  1. Enable Ask AI in Settings → General → Labs.
  2. Open the Ask AI in the bottom right and send a message.

Learn more about different ways to use on our help article.

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Elevate your notes with AI

Whether you want to go deep in a journaling session or breeze through a research essay, Ask AI can help you add ideas right into the note you’re working on.

Here are some ideas to use Ask AI in your Momentum Notes app:

  1. Writing up a rough draft of a school report? Ask AI to help clarify your thoughts and provide resources for your outline.
  2. Need to write up an important work email? Ask AI to adjust the grammar and improve the writing style and tone. 
  3. Want to deepen the connection to yourself? Take an inward journey and Ask AI for journal prompts to aid in your personal development.

To start using Ask AI in your notes:

1. Open your notes app and start writing.

2. Highlight text and click the AI "sparkle" icon in the toolbar.

Click here to explore (even more) ways to use Ask AI in your new tab.

Unlock Ask AI with Momentum Plus

By subscribing to Plus, you not only get access to Ask AI but to a complete suite of mindful productivity tools that keep you centered, productive, and inspired!
Build a customized command center out of your Plus dash with these features:

  1. Stay focused longer with Autofocus and a customizable Pomodoro timer
  2. Vacuum up dozens of tabs and save them for later with Tab Stash
  3. Organize your life with unlimited to-do lists and Momentum Notes
  4. Seamlessly connect to your favorite task manager (Todoist, Asana, Trello, etc.)
  5. Turn your new tab into an empowering vision board with custom photos, quotes, and mantras
  6. Reduce distractions and get into flow with soothing soundscapes
  7. Get one step closer to you at your best with countdowns, metrics, and more!

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Got feedback?

We build Momentum with your help, so please send us your feedback. Like all AI-powered tools, we understand our updates have limitations, and we’re actively working to optimize them. To help improve the feature, we’d love to hear what you think of Ask AI.