The full breakdown of our favorite use cases to improve focus, organization, and motivation for Students!

The Life of a Student

We’ve all been there… There was plenty of time to write the final paper and pass that class, yet somehow we're writing it hours before the deadline. 

Studying in undergrad or grad school can be demanding, especially if you’re also working while getting your degree. It’s essential to stay organized to be able to manage your chores, income, schoolwork, and extra-curricular activities. 

As a student, there are 3 main obstacles you’ll face when it comes to organizing your life: distraction, overwhelm, and procrastination. It’s totally normal to encounter each of these (or all at the same time!), but they don’t have to win the battle for your time and attention.

Momentum Plus is uniquely designed to help you overcome distraction, overwhelm, and procrastination, as well as help you achieve your GPA goal. 

Here’s how…

Beat Distractions with Focus Tools

Front and Center Focus

The best way to save yourself from procrastinating is to head off distractions before they arrive. Keep your #1 task for the day right in front of you to stay on track.

Though multitasking is tempting, it reduces the quality of your attention and lowers your ability to remember details. You can change your Focus as soon as you complete it, so, why not give it your best attention?

…with @momentumdash plus, you can study with a pomodoro timer while listening to calming natural sounds, add notes, and add to your to-do list at the same time! 🤩


Pomodoro Timer

When scrolling TikTok seems far more interesting than studying for an exam, the Momentum Pomodoro timer is your best friend. The idea of the timer is to set yourself a bracket of time so that you can only work on one thing, with no distractions until the timer is up. It effectively gamifies your time by challenging your brain to stay focused until the timer runs out.

Start the timer and focus for 25 minutes. At the end of the time, you’ll have a 5-minute break to use however you like.

What is the 5-minute break for at the end of your Pomodoro focus session?

The best way to boost your creativity and motivation is to get up, stretch, take a walk, or grab a snack during your 5-minute break. When your break involves activities that don’t require a screen, you give your brain a helpful reset. This is especially useful during those late-night study sessions before a big final.


When everyone you know is studying for exams, it can be hard to find a peaceful place in the school library. Grab your noise-canceling headphones and zone in with Soundscapes on Momentum Plus. Choose from soothing outdoor noises like a thunderstorm or forest, or go for white noise in the background with café or train sounds.

Beat Overwhelm with Organization

Notes and To-Dos

How satisfying is it to check off tasks from your to-do list? Momentum’s To-do list collapses into the bottom right corner so you can unload the tasks on your mind while working on your top priority. With Momentum Plus, you can create multiple color-coded to-do lists and arrange your tasks with keyboard shortcuts. You can also integrate task managers like Asana, ClickUp, Trello, or To-Doist so all your various tasks are in one place.

Notes are your lifeline as a student. You can add notes from the bottom left corner of your Momentum Dash and organize them by subject or topic. The key here is to consolidate all of your random sticky notes, margin blurbs, and loose sheets of paper into one place.

If you’re a pencil-and-paper kind of note-taker, we recommend keeping your goals and schedules in your notes section for easy reference. 


Do your classes have an online test portal or a virtual learning platform? Have you been collecting article links for your research paper? Keep these links handy in the links tab at the top left of your dash.

You can also use the links tab as your one-click hub for each class. Save the syllabus, homework assignments, or reference materials you use often here.


For students, measuring the number of study sessions or exams completed can give you a sense of tangible progress. You can set your metrics to display how many assignments you’ve finished for the week or track your monthly budget. If your degree seems ages away, try tracking the number of semesters left in your program. You’ll make it, slow and steady!

If you want extra credit: integrate your Fitbit and Strava to ensure you’re getting the right amount of exercise! No need to sacrifice your health for studying when you’re tracking your exercise alongside your grades and assignments.


Countdowns are great for preventing overwhelm and procrastination since you can track assignment deadlines and exam dates. You can avoid the horrifying realization that you’d forgotten about a grade-impacting assignment the night before it’s due. 

Countdowns are great for fun things too, like counting down until your birthday or counting down the days to spring break.

Beat Procrastination with Motivation


The right quote can change your day, especially when you're stressed. Momentum shows a reel of quotes to motivate you, and lets you save your favorites with the ‘heart’ button. Momentum Plus allows you to add quotes from your favorite figures in history or from inspiring people in the career path you’d like to pursue.


Mantras are a little different than quotes– instead of giving you a full wisdom share, a mantra is a quick reminder to boost your mindset. With Momentum Plus you can add your mantras, like “study today: frisbee tomorrow” or “No career is too big or too far away.”


Your Momentum Dash will always provide serene beautiful photos of nature to brighten your day. With Plus, you can choose your favorite photo or upload your own and turn your dash into a vision board. 

If your school is far from home, photos of your family and dog can keep you company. If you’re committed to completing your program despite its challenges, photos of your career goals can keep you motivated. Use the photo feature to help you feel centered and inspired each time you open your dash.


We’re here to help you reach your goals, and we’d love to see how you use your dash to study and manage your schedule. Send us a screenshot and your story to for an opportunity to be featured!