Get friendly reminders of your most important task throughout the day

We understand how difficult it can be to stay focused, especially while working from home. Supporting people in finding their focus has always been a key goal of Momentum. Each day, when you open your dashboard, you are presented with the question “What is your main focus for today?”.

In this blog, we’re highlighting one of Momentum’s most popular features, the Daily Focus! We're also showcasing the new focus menu (•••). This menu includes improved focus editing, plus Autofocus and Pomodoro shortcuts.

Reach your goals with a daily focus

Big goals aren’t achieved overnight. They need regular attention and effort. But with so many responsibilities and distractions in our lives, it can be hard to make the time. As a result, many people lose sight of their goals.

A great way to stay focused on our goals is to see them often. Whether it’s a note on our desk or a message on our screen, seeing our goals encourages us to take action on them.

Momentum’s Daily Focus surfaces your goals by asking “What is your main focus for today?”. The focus you enter displays each time you open a new tab, so you’ll see friendly reminders throughout the day. 

Completing your focus

To complete your daily focus, click the checkbox to the left of it. Your focus clears each morning, even if you didn't complete it, so you can start the day with a clean slate.

Editing and clearing your Focus

To edit or clear your focus, click ••• next to your focus, and then select Edit or Clear. When editing, just type your changes, and then press enter/return  key to save them.


When you click ••• you will also find the option to Turn on Autofocus. If one focus a day isn't enough, or you’re interested in a more focused view of your to-do list, Autofocus is for you! 

Autofocus is a Plus feature that connects Momentum’s to-do list to the central focus area. Completing your active focus replaces it with the next task in your list. This lets you power through your to-do list one task at a time!

Pomodoro Timer

Another new option you’ll see when you click ••• is Start Pomodoro Timer. This useful timer organizes your day into repeated intervals of focus and rest. The intervals are typically twenty-five minutes of Focus, followed by a 5 minute Break. You can customize them to whatever works best for you though.

Pomodoro Technique encourages us to focus on smaller tasks and be mindful of the time we spend on them. The short breaks also help us recharge so we can maintain focus throughout the day. The Pomodoro Timer works perfectly with Autofocus; we recommend trying them together!

Autofocus and the Pomodoro Timer are available on Momentum Plus. Upgrade today to start using them and all the other Plus member benefits!

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Have any questions, feedback, or focus tips of your own? We'd love to hear from you. 😊