Empower your team members with an inspiring company start page!

Over the years, we’ve received a ton of requests to create a team version of Momentum. Companies shared that they needed help surfacing resources in an engaging way. They also shared that working remotely was hurting their company culture. We knew that Momentum could help solve these problems, so we got to work!

Momentum for Teams transforms your team members’ new tabs into a fun and focused company start page. Useful apps, shared goals, values, and metrics all come together in one space. Best of all, it looks amazing and is easy to set up!

In this blog post, you’ll learn all about Momentum for Teams, and how to start using it within your company. Keep scrolling to see it in action!

All in one place

When your company’s resources are easy to find, you empower your people and save everyone’s time. Momentum for Teams puts this into practice with the Apps and Topics sections.

Get where you need to go with Apps

Every company has a collection of apps and services that make life easier. Momentums Apps section helps team members quickly find and access those resources.

Share company knowledge with Topics

As a company grows, so does its knowledge base. Giving self-serve access to this information is a great way to support your team members. The Topics section does just that. Onboarding guides, meeting notes, and other useful resources are only one click away.

Keep your team in the loop

Momentum for Teams also has a space to share subtle reminders of other useful info. Keep your team informed with company metrics (e.g., KPIs), event reminders, and world clocks. This info displays at the top right of everyone’s start page. 

Empower your people

All team members get our collection of useful Momentum Plus features. This includes a Pomodoro timer, To-do integrations, personal countdowns, metrics, notes, and more!

Unite your team

Especially in remote teams, it can be difficult to build and maintain a sense of community. Momentum for Teams highlights your company culture, with personalized Quotes, Announcements, and Goals.  

Let your culture shine through with custom quotes

Surface your teams favorite quotes, values, and words of wisdom on every new tab. Quotes display at the bottom of everyone’s page and change every day.

Get the word out with Announcements

Celebrate wins, organize virtual events, and more with Momentum’s friendly Announcements. Team members will see them at the top left of their start page, so they won’t get lost in an inbox.

Work together with shared goals

Working remotely can be isolating at times. Bring team members together through a shared goal or mission. Your team’s Goal displays front and center, to remind everyone what the team is working towards.

Simple setup

Our Team Admin page makes it easy to add your company’s apps, topics, and other content. No coding or headaches required.

Get started today

Momentum Team is available for companies of all sizes. To get started, simply sign up and get a 2-week free trial.

Sign up your team

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