See Momentum’s productivity and focus tools in action!

Momentum Plus is the best way to experience Momentum. It unlocks our full collection of productivity tools that you help you focus on doing your best work. It also lets you personalize your dashboard with your own photos, quotes, mantras, and more!

In this blog post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Momentum Plus: why it exists, what it does, and what you can expect to see in the future. 

Upgrade to Plus

Why does Momentum Plus exist?

It’s not uncommon for people to think that Momentum is a part of a tech giant like Google, but that’s not the case. We’re a small independent team passionate about making people’s lives easier, more productive, and enjoyable. We don’t sell advertisements or user data—that’s not how we roll. Instead, we rely on Momentum users upgrading to Plus for support. The subscriptions of our Plus users allow us to continuing maintaining and improving Momentum for everyone.. 

What does Momentum Plus do?

Upgrading to Plus has its benefits, of course! Plus members unlock a ton of exclusive productivity and customization features. To illustrate the Plus benefits, we’ve put together a visual guide. Keep scrolling to see the Plus features in action—you’re sure to discover something awesomely useful!

Pomodoro timer ⏲️

The Pomodoro technique supports a productive and balanced work schedule. This time management strategy breaks the workday down into 25-minute focused work periods followed by 5-minute breaks. That pattern continues until you’ve completed your tasks or your workday ends.

Momentum’s Pomodoro timer is always close by, so it’s easy to get started and get in the Pomodoro flow. You can also customize the timers and see how long you’ve focused over time.

Metrics, Countdowns & World Clocks

These three features give Momentum a true ‘dashboard’ feel by connecting you to important info in a clean and simple way. For example, see how many steps you’ve taken today, what time it is in Tokyo, and when your next project is due. All with one quick glance at your dashboard.

Metrics 📈

Seeing the progress you’re making (or not making) towards your goals is a strong source of motivation. The Metrics feature keeps your important goals and milestones top of mind.

There are three types of metrics to track your goal progression:

  1. Manual Metrics — Add and update any type of goal yourself (e.g., daily glasses of water).
  2. Integration Metrics — Connect to other services like Fitbit and Strava. These metrics update automatically (e.g., Fitbit steps and Strava distances).
  3. URL Metrics — Get live data from public APIs (e.g., currency exchange rates).

World Clocks 🌐

Take the headaches out of coordinating across time zones! The World Clocks feature lets you add other time zones to your dashboard.

Countdowns 📆

Keep a close eye on upcoming events and deadlines with friendly countdown reminders. The Countdowns feature lets you add custom dates and then tracks how much time is left until they arrive.

Custom To-do Lists ✔️

Improve how you organize and prioritize your tasks with custom to-do lists. Create more lists to separate your work and personal tasks, identify priority, or whatever you like.

Using another task service?

Our To-do integrations let you view, add, and update your tasks from other providers within Momentum!

We currently have To-do integrations with: Asana, Todoist, Trello, Google Tasks, Microsoft To Do, BitBucket, GitHub and Basecamp 3

Autofocus 🎯

Reduce to-do list overwhelm by focusing on one item at a time. Autofocus connects your active To-do list to the central focus area. Whenever you complete the focus, the next item in your To-do list appears.

Tab Groups 📑

Simplify your workflows and open the sites you need fast with Tab Groups. This feature lets you create custom link collections and open them all with one click. It’s perfect for those who wear many different hats at work or visit the same group of websites every day.

Custom Photos, Quotes & Mantras✨

Personalize Momentum by adding the photos, quotes, and mantras that inspire you most! You’ll also have the option to skip or change what you see whenever you want. If you love Momentum’s content you can have the best of both worlds—get a mixture of your own content and Momentum’s.

Extra Weather info 🌡️

Stay in the know with detailed weather information on your new tab. See the air quality, hourly forecast, chance of rain, humidity %, sunrise & sunset time, and more!

Notes 📓

Jot down reminders, ideas, and other important text with Momentum’s Notes feature. Enable the fullscreen view to focus on your writing. 

What’s next on Plus?

Our team loves making life easier, more productive, and enjoyable. Below is a sneak peek at three upcoming Plus features that we know will make a difference! 

Soundscapes 🔉

Get in the flow or find your calm with soothing and inspiring soundscapes. This feature will let you play nature sounds or music within Momentum.

Site blocker 🛡️

Do more focused work by temporarily blocking websites that distract you. Tell Momentum which sites you’d like to block and we’ll take care of the rest.

Reflections 😌

Connect with yourself and gain perspective with daily reflections. At the end of the day, Momentum will ask you how your day went. Use this prompt to capture what you've learned, prepare for tomorrow, track your mood, and more!

Get started today!

We weren’t playing around; Momentum Plus has a lot to offer! If you’re interested in any of the exclusive features mentioned in this blog, upgrade today! 

Upgrade to Plus

Thanks for reading this post. We appreciate your support and look forward to hearing what Plus features you like most, and what you’d like to see next!

If you have any questions about Momentum Plus, please send us a message. We’re happy to assist however we can!